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A beautiful friend of my sister’s threw a jewelry party to sell a line of jewelry she was promoting. She was gracious enough to allow me to bring my jewelry to the party. We popped up an ironing board, threw a tablecloth on it and with my heart in my hands I laid my pieces out. In a very synchronistic moment in my life, a friend of hers, who so happened to own a jewelry store in Puerto Vallarta came that night back in 2004, and liked my designs. We had a meeting a week later and when she said she wanted my work for her store I nearly fell over.

My sister has always been my biggest fan. She showed my pieces off to everyone who came to the house. She would say to me “Sweetheart, go get your book so you can show Howard and Corliss what you’ve been working on.” She made me photograph my work and we put all the pictures in an album.

I have been in love with crystals and gems for as long as I remember… in third grade I penned a book called Mr. Pachani’s Million Dollar Garden. Mr. Pachani was able to make flowers grow beautiful crystals. In a moment of alchemical genius he discovered a formula that combines my two favorite things: flowers and crystals.

Every family vacation led to at least one rock purchase. When I was a teen I spent a lot of my serving money on jewelry featuring stones in interesting settings. A few years later I took some courses in silver smithing and lost wax casting. In 2004 I began designing everyday - always large statement pieces as I discovered a store La Piedra featuring a wall of floor to ceiling strands of gemstones. More recently this has also translated into one-of-a-kind interior design pieces, as well as large scale installations for boutiques and galleries.

I’ve been designing on and off in Puerto Vallarta since that very jewelry party and have recently turned my passion into my vocation. The work in my store and the gallery are the results of me allowing my spirit to speak through the colors, shapes and textures of gemstones, metals, and other natural materials. Watching others feel amazing in what I have created is one of the greatest blessings life has given me.